Hundreds of thousands of Utahns search the Internet weekly looking for competitive insurance quotes. Regardless if it’s health insurance, auto, homeowners or life insurance, the Internet has become the “go to” joint to gather information. You folks already know this point, but  bet you didn’t expect the bombardment of calls and emails after you entered in your semi private date like name, address and phone number. How do you avoid this? Well, I will tell ya!

When you get that little letter from your Utah health insurance company informing you that in 30 days they will whack your premiums up 30% I’m sure at first light you do some sort of Google Search for insurance. Millions and millions of results show up here in the great state of Utah. You start clicking, find some site that you can understand and plug all your personal data in. Right? But it’s what happens next that chaps the rear off Utah health insurance consumers. You can no more than close out the web page and the phone starts ringing. People from “boiler rooms” located all over the country and probably none located in your state or area start hammering the dog out of you. One right after the other… for 2 weeks. Then that private email box that you have protected from spam for years starts getting email form every online pharmacy and weight loss program in the world. And the health insurance community does it’s fair share of peppering you with email for months.

OK, Why? First off when requesting a quote online from “lead generating” sites the info is sold to about 7 agents. It never fails that one of those ”agents” is another lead generation site and the info is resold to about 10 more agents. Sorry Utahns, that’s just the way it works. And I feel the same as you, it stinks to high heaven. Now, how do we avoid this mess?

Do this, before entering in any information to get a quote look the Utah health insurance site over. Look to see if they are local or located here in Utah, if not, or you can’t figure it out then they are not local they are probably a lead generator. If the free health insurance quote in Utah site does not appear to be an agency site by listing the agent or brokers name and address then again, it’s a lead generator and the calls will never stop. Also, the site should be very, very specific about things. Lead generators will most often be vague and you can’t figure out who or what you are dealing with.

Sites like Crystal Pacific Insurance, which is owned and operated by me, have zero incentive to farm out your information. We are the agent or broker. We don’t want to compete against our self by selling the info. Also, most times sites that offer Utah health insurance quotes and that are controlled by brokers for their own business growth are from local agents, like me.

Another point is that when visiting an agent or broker controlled website rates will be generated on the spot, immediately for you to review, without being bugged to death. Lead generator sites most times withhold this information and the “boiler room” agents attempt to hammer a policy down your throat.

So, next time you are looking for Utah health insurance quotes  please be careful and before entering any data into the request form make sure they are a local, independent Utah health insurance agent.

To be sure you are dealing with a local Utah health insurance broker that will NEVER sell the information off to some shady dude, you should  get your free Utah family health insurance quote today!